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Real People

Developing the procedures required to keep your people safe is complex work. But the greatest challenge is embedding those procedures in the daily decisions and actions undertaken at the front line.

rerisk® solves this challenge by supporting and engaging your front line in the safety process.

How do we know this? Because rerisk® wasn’t built in a lab. It was built in the real world, by a team with over 150 years of real experience.
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Real Work

rerisk® is much more than an app. It’s an enterprise solution for those who recognise that safety starts and ends at the front line.

rerisk® empowers your front line employees and your on-site suppliers with:

  • A dedicated Communications Platform
  • Support that’s User-Specific and Activity-Driven
  • Central Control over User Roles and Authorities
  • A rich Multimedia Interface that engages your front line to think.

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Real Risks

At the front line, things can change quickly and without notice. In these critical moments, your front line is under the most pressure.

rerisk® guides your front line through the decisions and actions required to keep them safe through change.

rerisk® guides them with:

  • Change-Driven Reminders, including the Permits they need to extend, the Updates they need to review and the Actions they need to complete
  • Searchable and expandable Hazard Maps.

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Real Time

Yes, rerisk® delivers information from your front line to your oversight in real time. It even keeps your oversight on alert during high risk activities.

But more importantly, rerisk® delivers all of the support your front line needs – when and where they need it.

With its extensive use of visual guides and embedded references, rerisk® answers all of your front line’s technical questions in the format that makes the most sense to them.
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Real Talk

Communication is the heart of risk management. Sometimes a digital message will suffice, but most of the time, you need to facilitate and capture front line risk discussions.

rerisk® encourages risk discussions, because they reinforce your safety culture and drive new insights.

In addition to Company and Job-Specific Alerts, rerisk® delivers discussion prompts and captures Meetings and Reports using voice to text and multimedia. It even allocates Action Items with Deadlines and Reminders.
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I never have to chase my paperwork again. rerisk® puts it all at my fingertips and reminds me what I need to do next. So it doesn't just save my sanity, it saves me about 30 minutes a day - and that's huge. Scott, Site Supervisor