Real Oversight

Any good safety technology should let you control the templates deployed to your front line. That’s a no-brainer – but it doesn’t solve the real problem. The real problem is the volume and complexity of templates, procedures and communications your front line must navigate – through infinite combinations of tasks, risks and controls. So yes, rerisk® gives you unmatched control from a platform built for real world challenges. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – rerisk® also let’s you maximise the digital potential at your front line…

Oversight Requirements
Control of Templates deployed to the Front Line
A Total Solution for your Oversight and Front Line (including On-Site Suppliers) Partial Solutions Available
Multi-Level Identity Security with User-Specific Access to Each Function Partial Solutions Available
Acute Audit Capacity Locked Against Unauthorised Edits Partial Solutions Available
In-Built Data Categorisation (even for Behavioural Analytics)
Multiple, Simultaneous Hierarchies that Merge for Real World Challenges
Automated Information Sharing driven by Merged Hierarchies

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rerisk® removed the barriers that alienated our Crews from the safety process. So now they’re happier, more engaged and safety thinking has improved ten-fold.


Safety Specialist

Real Potential

It’s simple maths. You’ve got more front line people than oversight people – so your greatest potential to save lives and reduce costs is at your front line. Companies using digital technologies at the front line have more than tripled productivity and profits. McKinsey & Company, Harvard Business Review, January 2016. Only rerisk® is specifically designed to support your front line – so only rerisk® generates risk and cost savings of more than 30 times price. Yes, more than 30 times price. And there’s more potential…

Front Line Requirements Other Technologies rerisk®
Signature Security: I Need to Know My Signature is Secure Partial Solutions Available
Ease of Use: Don’t Make Me Write or Type. Let Me Tap or Speak Partial Solutions Available
Everything at My Fingertips: Organised in Pocket-Sized Libraries Partial Solutions Available
Views: Just Give Me the Stuff I Need. The Rest is Information Overload Partial Solutions Available
Hints, Drawings and Prompts: Answers on Tap with Memory Prompts
Interventions: Show Me How to Make it Safer Before I Sign
Auto Sharing: Don’t Make Me Email, Export or Download at the Office
Reminders: That are Specific to What I’m Doing (not Alarm Clocks)

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I never have to chase my paperwork again. rerisk® puts it all at my fingertips and reminds me what I need to do next. So it doesn’t just save my sanity, it saves me about 30 minutes a day - and that’s huge.


Site Supervisor

Real Collaboration

Any two best practice templates should be identical. So why not share the costs of template development and control, including the cost of training on-site suppliers, across your industry? That’s why rerisk® pioneered Safety Ecosystems – one set of best practice templates driven by each employer’s unique Hazard Map. Industry collaboration that’s game-changing. Joining one of our Safety Ecosystems is optional – but each Ecosystem will reduce risks and save billions in costs. So do it. Call us about joining one of our Ecosystems or even forming a new one. Your front line will love you for it.

Join the Revolution


It drove us crazy – a different set of paperwork for each Client site and the only real difference was the logo. rerisk® cuts out the confusion and the repetitive training.


Civil Construction Supervisor
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