World's Best Technology


Everything they need

Risk Assessments, Permits, Equipment Pre-Starts, Meeting Minutes, Incident Reports, and more…


When they need it

Real-time and Intelligent Interventions, Reminders, Prompts, and more…

Technology for Real People

You want to get them home safe. So the rerisk® Home Screen gives them easy access to everything they need - when and where they need it.

From an entire Communications Platform to Reminders that are User-Specific and Activity-Driven - all organised and managed within Job Libraries.

Technology for Real Work

rerisk® removes the barriers that prevent your front line from identifying risks and controls. With searchable and expandable Hazard Maps, rerisk® prompts your front line to think – and lets you see what they’re thinking in real time.

Technology for Real Control

rerisk® knows everyone on your front line, including their authority within your Company and within each Job, Permit and Document. So if they're not authorised, rerisk won't enable them.

Technology for Real Support

At last, your front line can access and capture safety information in their language. With its extensive use of multimedia, drawings, symbols, embedded references and time logs, rerisk® delivers real front line support.

Technology for Real Action

With the ability to allocate Action Items that include Deadlines and Reminders, rerisk® Meetings make it easier for your front line to complete the right action at the right time.

Technology for Real Sharing

rerisk® gives your front line instant access to Company Procedures and Job Plans, Specifications and Documents. Simple.

Technology for Real Risks

The rerisk® Communications Platform gives you another tool in your emergency arsenal – Alerts that are more visible and more accessible at your front line.


Technology for Real Time

rerisk® lets you audit every Job, Permit and Document from your desktop in real time. So when you’re at the front line, you can focus on the activities – not the paperwork.

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