Frequently Asked Questions

What safety paperwork does rerisk® replace?

rerisk® has been designed and built to keep your people safe, not just replacing safety paperwork but transforming it.

rerisk® enables your employees to complete the following safety templates:

  • Daily Pre-Start Meeting Minutes
  • Toolbox Meeting Minutes
  • Hazard and Incident Reports
  • Permits
  • Equipment Pre-Starts
  • Take 5s
  • JSAs
How do I sign up?

Download the rerisk® application from the App Store. Open and tap ‘Setup your Company Account’. Fill out your details and select your Subscription package. You will automatically receive a 3-Month Free Trail. Your subscription can be changed or cancelled at any time.

How much does it cost?

$30 per user per month. We know you’ll save at least 20 times the cost. Find out yourself with our 3-Month Free Trail...

Can we cancel anytime?

Yes. There is no lock in contract. You can login to the mobile application at any time to cancel or change your subscription.

What training & support do you provide?

We run weekly webinars to answer questions and provide demonstrations. We also have a library of videos, FAQ’s and User Manuals. Most of these can be found under Help & Support within the app.

How do I manage employees and jobs?

Jobs are managed via a web portal login which compliments and the mobile application providing oversight and project management the means to allocate jobs, personnel and supporting documentation.

Once you have set up your Company, we provide you with a unique secure rerisk® web portal login. Two types of logins can access the web portal:

This is the primary account (the account used to set-up your company) allowing the user to:

  • Edit and create Personnel (including setting Project Manager Authority and Permit Issuing Authority)
  • View, edit and create all Jobs
  • View, edit and upload all Company Files
  • View, edit and upload all Personnel Files
  • View all Submitted Documents
  • Issues Alerts to any Job

Project Manager
Any Personnel can be given Project Manager Authority by the Oversight account. Project Managers can only perform the following in the web portal:

  • View and edit Jobs where they are assigned as Project Manager
  • View all Submitted Documents within Jobs they are assigned as Project Manager
  • Create new Jobs
  • View, edit and upload all Job Files
  • Issues Alerts to any Job where they are assigned as Project Manager
How do I give access to our employees?

Using your Oversight account login to your rerisk® web portal and add personnel under the Personnel tab. You will need to provide each employee with:

  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • 4-digit PIN

Once created Personnel must be allocated to a Job to log in to the mobile application.

Each employee will need to download rerisk® from the App Store (or rerisk® can be managed via corporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) software if applicable).

How does rerisk® support multi-user Safety Templates?

How does rerisk® support multi-user Safety Templates?

Multi-user documents enable authorised Personnel to complete safety templates that require the review and signatures from selected Personnel.

This includes JSAs, Meeting Minutes and Permits. Personnel can be added at any time, automatically providing a copy of the Document for review, and prompting for a signature to be captured via a 4-digit PIN.

What are Hazard Maps Lists?

Hazard Maps include company specific expandable lists of tasks, risks, controls, and method steps.

These Lists prompt and support the frontline when completing Safety Templates.

Can we share PDF files?

Yes. Within rerisk® files can be uploaded and shared:

  • Company Files – Uploaded within Chemicals, Emergences, Procedures and Help & Support. All Personnel via the mobile application can view these files.
  • Job Files – Within each Job, files can be uploaded under Plans. Personnel allocated to the Job can view these files via the mobile application.
  • User Files – Personnel files can be uploaded under Training. These files can only be viewed by the Personnel they have been uploaded to via the Mobile Application.
What mobile operating systems are supported?

Currently rerisk® is available on iOS and can be download from the App Store. We’re currently working on Android.

Can rerisk® be hosted on our own cloud?

Yes. To discuss your options please contact us.

Can rerisk® be customised?

We are continually working on updating and expanding our templates to keep you and you people safe whilst meeting all safety obligations. If you feel we have something missing let us know.

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